Seeds / Grass

All grass seed used in our range of mixtures are blended and bagged by Barenbrug UK using their skill and expertise as one of the largest grass breeders and producers in the UK and Europe.

Only highly performing varieties are used in our mixtures. Barenbrug are internationally respected grass breeders who, within the UK, work in partnership with the Northern Ireland Plant Breeding Station at Loughgall, Northern Ireland.

Long term dual purpose ley

  • MAXISWARD is delicately formulated to produce maximum yields of superb quality feed – whether cut or grazed. It features the very top intermediate and late perennials, including Drumbo and Dunluce – both bred in Northern Ireland.
  • Perfect cutting or grazing mixture for all soil types.
    Varieties selected with yield and quality in mind.
    Excellent spring growth – ideal for early turnout.


Long term cutting ley

  • TETRASILE is a very high yielding silage mixture designed specifically to provide the highest yields using intermediate and late perennials. The inclusion of tetraploids provides outstanding palatability due to their high sugar content.
  • Contains two top Northern Ireland bred varieties.
    Suitable mix for high nitrogen input systems.
    Ideal mixture for intensive cutting regimes.
    Good balance of heading dates – easy prediction of 67D dates.
    Excellent mix for large of crops of high quality, leafy grass.


Long term grazing ley

  • SUPERSWARD is a luxurious mixture, blended to provide maximum production under intensive grazing. It contains extra clover, which fixes natural nitrogen and produces a very sweet pasture which animals find irresistible and will persist over a long period.
  • Long term grazing sward – full season production.
    Good balance of heading dates – consistent growth.
    Optimum varieties for digestibility, palatability and yield.
    High leaf content and reduced stem formation.


Long term dual purpose ley without tetraploids

  • PERMASWARD is a traditional high-yielding, long term dual purpose ley, suitable for grazing silage, or hay. The very high-density, leafy sward is exceptionally persistent and very responsive to high nitrogen and heavy stocking rates. Perfect for heavy or steep land.
    • Hardy and persistent sward for marginal land.
    • No tetraploids – excellent mixture for hay.
    • Includes Tyrella – No. 1 choice for early turnout.
    • Good sward density – less risk of poaching in poor weather.


Long term ley for early cutting

  • EARLYSILE is a very high yielding early silage mixture for cutting in early May that grows an erect sward year in year out. This is a long term sward with a close band of heading dates allowing the optimum balance between yield and digestibility.
    • Suitable for intensive cutting regimes.
    • Will produce large cuts of quality silage.
    • Rapid recovery will ensure maximum number of cuts.



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