Calf & Beef Blends

At Reid Feeds we know how important it is that the blends are always consistent and able to deliver stable growth throughout the animal’s life from start to finish.

All blends are produced in our own modern milling facility, with accurate weighing and mixing plant. Our Blends can be used for both Intensive feeding and Semi Intensive feeding. We only use quality raw materials and minerals, which pass our strict specifications on quality.

Stage 1
Reid Feeds Golden Calf Startergolden-calf-starter

  • Highly palatable ration.
  • High levels of vitamin E and selenium to support and boost the immune system to protect against disease.
  • Contains live yeast to boost the calf’s growth and reduce the risk of acidosis
  • Best suited for calves below 14 weeks
  • Also very well suit to feeding as a goat starter and grower


Stage 2
Reid Feeds Golden Calf Weanercard-image

  • Designed with good balance in protein and fat levels which are essential to achieve good health, frame and weight.
  • Best suited for calves from 12 weeks of age – 6 months


Stage 3
Reid Feeds Supreme GrowersIMG_20171003_160918

  • Made from the best wholesome ingredients
  • High in both fibre and quality protein, providing a range of amino acids to meet all the growth requirements of the developing animal.
  • 18% best suited for calves 6 months+
  • 16% best suited for heavy feeding and yearlings


Stage 4
Reid Feeds Supreme Finisher 40IMG_20171006_100417

  • High maize (40%) giving high energy and starch to promote fast weight gains whilst appetite tends to fall in relation to body weight.
  • Contains good levels of minerals and buffer to maintain health right up to slaughter.
  • To be fed 3-4 months prior to slaughter.


Ultimate Bull Beef

  • Designed for intensive feeding from 18 weeks right to finish.
  • Formulated to promote rapid weight gain and to complement the silage and straw: all reducing days to slaughter.
  • Yeast and Acid Buff to maintain rumen Ph and increasing live daily weight gains


Supreme 50

  • Very High level of Maize (50%) to promote rapid weigh gain for the last 50 days to slaughter (tend to go off their feed if fed heavily for longer than the 50 days recommended)
  • Ideal for finishing at grass (can be fed up to 90 days at grass)


Supreme Finisher 2

  • High level of Maize to promote fast weight gain
  • 13% protein
  • Ideal for very dry silage/dung


Store Cattle

  • Designed to complement the silage in the local area to maximise performance and profit.
  • Principally designed as a finishing feed to maximise growth potential without laying down fat.


Angus Finisher

  • High in energy and protein to promote muscle growth whilst finishing which is still needed in Angus and Hereford breeds at finish.
  • 14% protein
  • Yeast and Acid Buf to optimise rumen function


Pedigree Calf


  • Designed with good balance in protein and fat levels which are essential to achieve good health, frame and weight.
  • Contains a combination of additives which work together to get a good healthy frame and finish on calves for the arena.
  • Suited for Pedigree calves from 14 weeks+


Suckler Cow

  •  16% protein with high energy and magnesium to promote milk production and avoid staggers.


Beef Balancer

  • Available in both 21% and 23% to balance either barley or wheat for feeding at different levels to suit each stage of growth
  • Increased level of minerals to allow for added barley/wheat