With Dairy Farms under enormous pressure for milk quality and financially, it is vital we supply the farmer with the most efficient feed to achieve the milk yield and quality targets the farmer needs at the best price for the quality product. 

Our nutritionist looks beyond the protein, starch, oil and fiber sourced from the different raw materials and incorporates quality minerals along with other additives which may be needed to get the best out of the herd.  As a small firm we are small enough to care but big enough to cope.  We give each of our customers the full attention they deserve to ensure that requirements of their herd are met.

Maxcare Intensive Beef

  • Maintains growth and immune status on rapidly growing beef cattle
  • Contains extra phosphorus and high levels of Vitamins & trace elements to support bone and muscle growth
  • High levels of Vit E and other antioxidants stimulate the immune system and improve meat quality


High Performance Dairy

  • Formulated to meet high yielding cows requirements across all the important minerals and vitamins when fed in conjunction with compound feed.
  • High calcium levels and reduced phosphorus levels to protect the environment.
  • Vitamin package can improve fertility and also resistance to mastitis.


Maxcare Intensive Lamb

  • Provides the mineral and vitamin requirements of lambs and breeding rams.
  • High levels of vitamin E and selenium help to maintain immune status and to support breeding performance.
  • Aids growth in young animals and helps to prevent cerebro-cortical necrosis (CCN).
  • Magnesium and phosphorous aren’t included to help avoid risk of urinary calculi (‘stones’), ammonium chloride is included to reduce risk further


Ewe + E Mineral

  • Very high levels of vitamin E and other Antioxidants to help stimulate immune system and improve resistance
  • Improves colostrum quality
  • Helps maintain lamb growth
  • (Fed up to 25g per head a day)



Salt (feed grade)

  • Sodium Chloride essential to keep cattle healthy
  • Can increase intake of both feed and water
  • Also ideal for foot baths



Lick Buckets

  • Hi Mag   (Mixrite)
  • Sweet Mag   (No Copper, suitable for sheep)
  • Calf/Beef   (Mixrite)
  • Pre-Calver   (Mixrite)
  • Breeding Ewe, high energy   (Mixrite)
  • EWE-NIQUE, High Energy and Protein   (Ocean Harvest)


Acid Buf

  • Beef:
  • Increased daily liveweight gains
  • Increased feed efficiency
  • Reduces risk of SARA & acidosis
  • Reduces risk of laminitis and bloat
  • Improved dung consistency
  • For Lactating cows:
  • Better neutralisation of rumen acid
  • Slow-release and longer-term rumen buffering
  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Boosts milk yield and quality


Cal Mag

  • Cal Mag provides a good source of dietary Magnesium.  The Magnesium in Cal Mag is highly available during digestion.



  • Stabilises rumen pH by reducing 
the build up of lactic acid.
  • Reduces rumen oxygen content and stimulates the growth of rumen organisms, increasing feed intakes and helping efficient digestion.
  • Improves intestinal flora in non rumen animals.
  • Increases production


Palmit C-16

  • Increases milk yield & butterfat
  • Butterboost is protected from rumen degradation and is digested in the small intestine
  • Increases energy density in the ration



  • Maxfat is a high energy, highly digestible form of energy for ruminants.
  • Infertility or reproduction problems are now the main reasons given for culling cows out of the herd. Cows that loose too much bodyweight in early lactation generally have lower conception rates.
  • Feeding protected fats can help satisfy this energy demand and reduce the ‘energy gap’. Maxfat can be used to improve fat covers on hard to finish cattle such as young bulls and bullocks.



  • Excellent source of UDP (undegradable protein)
  • Positive effects on immune status and fertility
  • Increases milk production and Fat & Protein content
  • Increases lamb birth rate


UltraSorb (R)

  • Signs of mycotoxins on-farm, reduced feed intake, lower milk yields & butter fat levels, worsening body condition, poor cycling, rough coats & listless activity, mucus tags in manure
  • UltraSorb(r) is a ruminant specific mycotoxin solution that binds, transforms and degrades mycotoxins found in rumen. Combines bioactive ingredients, multiple clay courses and essential oils to provide a complete solution to mycotoxin removal.

Ultrasorb benefits

  • Higher feed intakes
  • Increased milk production
  • Improved fertility
  • Supports natural defences against mycotoxins



  • Increased protein utilisation efficiency and improve milk production in dairy cows.
  • Increases the levels of UDP to dry cows has been shown to increase calf vitality.
  • Increasing the UDP levels in prolific ewes prior to lambing is important for lamb growth, udder development and subsequent milk production