Other Products

Reid Feeds Meal Bins

  • 550-850 kg capacity (depending on material)
  • Suitable for Bale lifter or forklift.
  • Keeps meal dry and Birds & Rodents out
  • Saves money on Baggage
  • Meets the requirements of the Department of Agriculture and Rurual Development for meal storage on the farm
  • Please inquire instore for prices



Farm-O-San Reviva is an easily digestible, tasty energy drink for cows after calving that quickly rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in the cow.

Contains added minerals, energy, electrolytes and stimulates earlier roughage intake.


Wood Pellet Dust

A cheaper alternative to sawdust for cubicles.



White Rhino Lime

Housing disinfectant (hydrated cubicle lime) 1 Ton Tote

pH of 12.35, immediately increases the pH of surfaces covered and deactivates mastistis causing bacteria.

  • Reduces Lameness
  • Prevents mastitis causing bacteria
  • Deactivates tuberculosis and brucellosis in cattle slurry

Covers up to 3 times more surface than standard cubicle limestone and with a pH of 12.35 versus a max of 8.3 in standard cubicle limestone.